We provide the best professional services in the following lines.
  • Skill development & Training
  • Advisory services
  • Content development
  • Handloom & handicraft promotion
  • At SAB, we strive to bring in best practices, fostering skill development and employment under various programs/projects of central and state governments across the country. With a vision to work with all the stakeholders for creating the right environment for the growth of the modern industry and sectors in India, we provide training to unemployed youth to make them job ready and offer our beneficiaries a one stop training solution.
    Our services range from accessing training needs to o ering custom designed trainings meeting special challenges and addressing the special gaps. We are acknowledged to have a large portfolio of trainings on healthcare, Information technology, retail management, tourism and hospitality and many more.
    Our trainings draw strength from our experience of being at the forefront of designing and implementing large scale skill training programs for the state and central government. SAB is exploring the possibility of utilizing these innovative products in skill development of the youth of India through engaging with various state/central Govt. Welfare schemes on skill development and entrepreneurship e orts.
    SAB believes in enhancing employability as one of the key development programs. It is understood that youth of any country is the potential source of signficant strength to national economy, provided we are able to equip and continuously upgrade the skills of the population in the working age group. With this understanding, SAB designs skill development project special to the need of the region, aspirations of the target youth, placement opportunities and learners’ availability.
    Before we execute a skilling project, we strategically design the action plan which includes communication and mobilization strategies, content creation, resource mobilization, training delivery, assessment and certification, placement opportunities, entrepreneurship opportunities analysis, post placement tracking and additional services like Financial Inclusion, adhaar enrollments etc. as per the need of the region and project.
  • SAB aims at providing best in class training and content material services to client which will drive their workforce performance. SAB create, develop and support organization in providing tailor made training solutions and materials. We pride ourselves in the quality of our curriculum and its practical application
    SAB develops the content based on the project requirement i.e. MES aligned or NOS aligned content. In addition, training aides like presentation slides, charts, ipcharts etc are also customized and prepared for the project. The content development team follows a standard operating procedure to develop the industry standards content for each project. The process for content development at SAB can be summarized as

    Literature Review

    Subject Review

    Objective of
    the training

    Need Analysis




    Assessment Notes










    Session Plan


    QP/NOS Alignment

    Expert Review

    Quality Analysis

    Overall Review


    Hand Books

    List of Tools


  • SAB Advisory services aims at providing consulting to its client in various domain areas of development sector ranging from institutional strengthening, capacity building, project development cum implementation, strategy development, policy assessment advisory and governance. We assist our client in improving their business.
  • KRAFTONOMICS IDEOLOGY: REINVENT REINSTATE AND REVAMP The wheel should not be reinvented, rather we should work on the existing wheel. With this ideology, Kraftonomics strive to leverag the existing skills and bringing in new skills in artisans involved in handloom and handicraft. We believe in our 3 R's policy: REINVENT REINSTATE AND REVAMP
    Our country India is blessed with umpteen amount of handicrafts and handloom based artisans. The cultural and geographical diversity of our country provides us with endless artistic and ethnic crafts and designs. India is an ocean of handicraft and handloom where more you dive, more you will explore. The plethora of beauty, elegance and richness which our artistic products provide is unimaginable. There are numerous artisans involved in hand work which involves extensive effort for days and night to make just one artistic products. The charm and the warmth which these products have is far more than those which are made fully by machines. Still getting the correct price for the products being made by these artisans is not easy for them. We believe in reaching out to and benefitting the untouched, unsought, and those artisans who are ignored by the mainstream economy, who are fetching their livelihoods from the products they made in the mainland of India.
    We are here to bring in fresh air and aroma to existing handicraft and handloom and make them saleable to market in India and abroad. People should appreciate these handicraft and should make space for these crafts in their home. We don’t want the bountiful of handicraft and handloom existing in our country to be part of our history books. We want the wheel of handicraft and handloom to roll for inde nite time.
    Our vision is to uplift the social and economic status of these artisans through tailor-made and strategic approach which involves capacity building and skill enhancement activity, product development & designing, market support and sustainable planning. We provide our artisans bundled services which enable them to reach up the ladder of economic and social status
    Through our work, we want to reach to every tribal village and rural craft village of our country and bring out these craft to the market. Kraftonomics also aims to revive the lost craft of India. Few includes patola crafts, dokra crafts, nimmalkunta puppetry, ganjifa cards etc. these crafts need a revival strategy coupled with utility factor. We intend to explore artisans who were involved in making these crafts and support them through our services.